Change color of knack app menu


I am a beginner in CSS styling of the knack application. I am unable to change my app menu background color. Can any one help me I am using the following CSS code

#kn-app-menu ul {
background-color: #3395FF !important;
border-color: #3395FF !important;

Thanks in advance

Hi Bennet

By constant playing I was able to figure out the solution. It works perfectly.

.kn-content #kn-app-menu ul {
background: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, #3373FF , #33691e , #E99D07);
border: 0px !important;

Thank you


#kn-app-menu > ul {

background-color: #3395FF !important;
border-color: #3395FF !important;


In case you want to say why not do it from layout and colors option from knack application settings. I want to use CSS for gradient fill which I think is not possible without CSS.