Page rendering speed

WTF has happened to the rendering of pages in Knack.

I am seeing page load times for a [simple login] page of around 13 seconds and this makes the apps unusable.

Anyone else?

Hi @GazM,

Have you reach out to with the details of this including the URL to the page? If not please do and we’ll investigate the issue.

I raised a specific case this morning. But used the chat three days ago and yet to get any response.

Yes, earlier this week I was getting similar.

We were having the same issue and migrated to the new servers last week and our apps sped up substantially. Like night and day.

Today however, we’re slower than ever.

Having the same issues right now…crawlingly slow.

Same issue here. App has slowed to the point of being essentially useless.

We were migrated 10 days ago and it hasn’t been the same.
Submit / Refresh time is horribly slow. Our apps are virtually unusable.

Cust Support is unresponsive - wont even acknowledge the issue

I’m having similar issues with latency in the builder. I am regularly getting messages about there being a network issue and having to refresh the browser. Thankfully our app is not suffering to the same extent.

I experienced the same thing yesterday. Knack was basically unusable.

Hi all, we wanted to let you know that we are aware of these issues and they have now been resolved. Unfortunately two issues combined yesterday that lead to the performance degradation you noticed:

  1. One of the CDNs (content delivery networks) we use to deliver the Knack service had downtime on one of their edge locations. This impacted many of our live apps and unfortunately there was very little we could do until that service was restored.
  2. We reached an IP limit that Amazon imposes that prevented us from scaling to meet demand. We’re implementing process changes and longer-term technical improvements to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

The good news is that these issues were not directly related to the new performance environment currently being rolled out. So far we’re seeing confirmation that performance and reliability is much stronger in the new environment. All the metrics are pointing in the right direction. I’ve attached a graph below where you can see how stable response times have become (you can also see the impact from yesterday’s issues). We are actively monitoring performance to ensure that this stability continues.

In the meantime please reach out to support if you continue to notice any major performance impacts so we can investigate those in detail. While our goal is to resolve those as quickly as possible, please understand that they take time to investigate and we may not be able to resolve them immediately.

Thank you for your understanding as we complete this major project. We’re very excited about the increasing stability and reliability that we’re seeing and we expect this to continue to improve.

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I have a ticket outstanding and don’t see any updates from you.

I appreciate the generic stats. But the reality is that both of my apps built on knack are … knackered.

Both of them (one new environment and one old) take well north of 10 seconds to load each page and this is not useable.

Not sure why one of the apps won’t transition, perhaps you can arrange for someone in support to actually progress the ticket I have to closure.


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Its a shame you guys at knack don’t let your customers know directly about these issues in their support requests. Over the last couple of weeks, the support and performance of apps has been appalling. The new so called performance environment has broken some inportant functionality in my apps and so far I see no improvment in speed or performance and no fixes. Waiting for support is like watching paint dry, two, three days for a responce, then nothing for another 3 days. The feeling is you just don’t give damn. Ive had to destroy parts of my app to get it to work in some manner thats useful, all in hope that what worked before is going to be fixed and work in the future… Dont worry, the developement team are looking into it…

Yes we are seeing the same issue across multiple client accounts and our own applications.

Since the ‘performance upgrade’ we are getting reports from clients and our internal users that records are in a database but not showing in the front end. Especially relating to repeat dates which dont show up.

The other issue we found is some rules that displays and hides certain records on a table is not working - we have tried both the ‘field’ is not ‘xxx’ and ‘field’ does not contain ‘xxx’ but neither work and the records display. This was not an issue before last weekend when our systems were ‘upgraded’.

And before anyone asks - yes we have put support requests in to be told these things are a known bug with no solution - despite them only starting after the performance upgrade.

My clients and my internal users are being impacted by this.

We’re having the same issues;

  • Slow performance
  • Previously working tables and charts are missing lots of records and sums.
  • Also having trouble with incorrect data being sent to Zapier.

Quick update on this specific to our EU customers, we’ve identified and resolved an area that was definitely playing a role with API performance around read activity and loading pages/views. There’s still more to do and we’ll continue to make updates as we progress but there should be a noticeable improvement at this time.

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Apps do seem better today, lets hope its sustained. What about all the bugs… days, and still no fixes or updates from support. Is there a bug tracker anywhere?

We’re maintaining a list of related fixes over here: Knack: Performance Upgrade

I have still to be responded to on my original ticket and message. My apps remain slow this morning. Really poor support from Knack. Yet happy to take the monthly fee.