Overall Api Usage on Dashboard

Before I create a feature request I wanted to know if I was losing my marbles. Can anyone confirm whether they remember seeing Overall API usage on the Dashboard on the right hand side? This is the first thing I noticed when seeing the new dashboard as I used to monitor it this way but I have been told by support that it has never been there

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The dashboard changed for me today as well and having the same issue. You are not losing your marbles at all. It definitely used to be there. I really need to see the usage everyday as the usage is very heavy for my account. Did you get any response on this from support. I just sent them a message on the chat.

Yeah they told me it never was there and they created a feature request for me.
@Ally please see this, it did use to be on the old dashboard

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Furthermore you can see a screenshot of it on this thread Set number of maximum record, storage and API usage per app

If you look under “Settings/Plans and Billing” you will see the usage there.

Hello everyone! Kat here, the new Head of Support. Apologies for the confusion. That information is still there but moved to a new place. It’s now in the Plan & Billing page (see screenshot).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I don’t see overall API usage in that screenshot?

API usage will be added in the Usage section on the dashboard soon, @Amaan . For now, you can still see it in the builder under Settings: API: View Usage (see screenshot).

Thanks for following up here, @Amaan . I did create a request for it to be added to that section in the new dashboard, which it seems will happen soon. Hope this will help you!

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