On a linked Field customize text from Add a new option

I have two fields on a form that are linked to another table. This allows me to add people to my pet application. The current verbiage on my form says "add a new option". i would like to be able to customize it, in my situation it would say "add a new Household member" or "add a new Reference".

I have already been asked a few times what does "add a new option" mean.

Were you able to get this to work? I have tried the link posted here, and also contacted support thinking I was using the wrong fields. Krystel from Knack support said she couldn't get the code to work in her own apps either. Can anyone give any help?


See: https://support.knack.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000908327-Adding-a-title-to-the-Add-new-record-sign?page=1#community_comment_115002938588