Not able to access App in Builder

I’ve been able to access app in builder for years, today when I tried to access it in both firefox and edge I get this error.

“Loading failed for the with source “”. portal:1:1”

I’m able to access the main “Your Apps” page, but when I try to access any App, I get a blank browser screen and the above error.

Anybody else having this issue, and have you found how to fix it?


Hi @KnackUserCA - I’m not clear what you mean by “ I’ve been able to access app in builder for years”….I’ve never heard of or seen your error message before and I’m a full time builder.

I’d recommend reaching out to so they can investigate for you.

I agree, I’ve had apps up and running with no issues for years, made the transitions as Knack versions changed, etc. Then all of the sudden I start getting this error and can’t access the apps in builder. They function like they are supposed to live, but I can’t edit them or see records, etc. I’ve reached out to support earlier today, have not heard back. Was hoping someone else may have run across the issue. It’s happening on two different computers using different browsers.