New Builder May 1st - All Shared Apps are GONE!

This morning (May 1st) I opened Knack and all apps that my client shares with me were gone.  All I see is an empty white screen where the 10+ apps used to be last night. 


There is also this error in the console output:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasV2Access' of undefined
at i.sunsetV2Builder (dashboard_803e690cf1......751c931e5.js:82)
at Object.eval (eval at t.a (dashboard_803e690.......16fd50b751c931e5.js:82), <anonymous>:10:31)
at Object.p [as appList_template] .............)




Please fix this - quick!!!


I submitted a ticket, and thanks to their fast support, all was fixed within a couple of hours.

Back to work... happy now :)