New users unable to sign in

When we delete and recreate an account record in Knack builder, the user is then unable to sign-in.

Error: Oops! Looks like something didn’t work when signing in with Azure. The error returned was “Could not create new user.”

Just to re-iterate, the issue only occurs when we delete and recreate the account in Knack builder.

Existing users are all working ok, so Azure/SSO is working normally.

We are having this exact problem. Does anyone have a solution?

Hi there - have you submitted a ticket to our support team at

If so, could you please indicate the ticket number so that we could follow up on it?

Yes: its 161130

Just in general, there’s a good first step that we’re seeing resolve this issue in 95% of users with SSO problems, and it’s to basically reconnect everything in your SSO configuration within Knack and your SSO provider ensuring that the ID field correctly maps to an email address that corresponds to a Knack account. If anyone else runs into this and tries those steps and still has an issue, definitely submit a new ticket for it and we can dig a bit deeper.