New Feature: Page Layouts

One of our most requested features has been the ability to create more flexible layouts for pages.

We’ll be adding additional functionality to columns and page layouts based on initial feedback we receive.

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Hi. In my edit page view, I’m able to drag items around. But when I view the page in the browser its not position where I want it to go… basically, its not being displayed side by side…

Update: nevermind. i figured it out. thanks!!

Glad that’s working for you now! Thanks for the update. :+1:

I would like to be able to control the widths of the various columns when laying out side by side. For this reason, and the difficulty of making the side by side columns to line up nicely horizontally:

If you look at this example, the two views headers are lined up - but I have added an

below this and these are not lined up. I also think it would look better if the main body of the views were lined up as well - by this I mean the top line of the table header row and the top line of the day headings in the calendar.

I would then like to be able to set things like the background colour for a view, heading and row colours for tables, etc.

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Thanks for this feedback @JulianKirkness! Resizing view columns is something we plan to do. Thank you for sharing the example and details of what you’re looking for there. I’ll be creating a new topic when we’re ready to talk more about this one.

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I remind here my post, which is not solved, on how to modify the space between LIST VIEW columns, while maintening the numbre of list columns in responsive screens.