New Builder not ready! Do not force us to switch May 1st

I am all for moving forward but not at the expense of things not working or being problematic. This is a video of just one of many things that dont pull over correctly from the old builder. Yes the live app is still right but so many things in the builder are a nightmare. This should not be forced on May1st.


As you can see by my previous post support has replied for me but not with any viable solutions. I like Knack as a product but to your point yes they need to listen to their paying customers. Some of the new builder issues are substantial and are causing massive problems for us the customers. If you are going to force the new builder on your customers which they did be prepared to fix these business interrupting issues immediately. To me that means by the next day at worst case scenario.

If this was my business I would reply to all these comments whether I liked them or not, you learn from mistakes and you learn to make customers less angry and grumpy . We have all invested time and money in Knack and would like a little time back from them. We have not had a single reply back to any support question

So the response specifically to this issue was for me to go in and toggle on and off every field to make them work. Yes in the entire app. Now I just found out many required fields that are toggled on no longer work and you need to go through and toggle them on and off.

Hi Phil,

Below is the support  response not surprising to me.

We appreciate you reaching out about this. At this point, we're finding that regarding the new builder, there are actually fewer customer-wide issues that are preventing users from building their apps. We're also over the hump in regards to missing features/options between the old and new builder. This is why we went ahead with the old builder sunset.
It looks like you're running into a bug that causes the setting for labels that were hidden in the old builder to not carry over into our new builder. We'll be escalating this issue to our development team and we'll reach back out to you with updates ones a fix has been rolled out.
Going forward, we'll be allocating all available resources to resolving known issues. We appreciate you bringing the above to our attention. We'll be in touch. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

100% agree...I've just thrown my hands up in disappear. Unless you've got a VERY primitive solution, this forced update has pretty well killed my business. The interface hasn't been thought through enough, many GUI elements such as action scripting on columns aren't readable. 

Frankly, I'm shocked and extremely disappointed in the Knack Dev and management team.

I'll now be looking for other solutions to invest in like bubble!!