More than one detail page?

Here’s the scenario:
Two objects /tables = Projects [1:M] Work Orders

I have a detail for Projects as a modal. I want that left alone as is.

But I also want a page that shows all the corresponding Work Orders to a given project.

As I understand it the only way to see child records is in a parent detail page - yes?

So how do I do that. If I try to add another detail it won’t give me an option for the Projects object. I only get options for security.

What am I getting wrong?

You should be able to a table of related orders to your modal projects details page.

Right, but I don’t want that. I want the modal detail to only display project data. I need a separate page to show the corresponding Work Orders to a given project.

Okay, I figured out a solution, not ideal, but good enough for now. I simply added another Projects page with a detail and added the WO’s to that detail.

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That’s correct, add another modal popup details view for the same parent record. You don’t need to show any fields, so now you can show the related line items on that page connected to the parent. :+1:

Actually, I’m not really clear what you mean by that. Could you elaborate?

If I understood well, you can create different Details Views within the same page each with different fields layout. Then you can use Page Rules to show/hide the right view when the Criteria match one specific project or another criteria: field/user/role/etc (for example, a new field with different categories of project).

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Thanks for your response. I did try to add more than view, but maybe I did it wrong? I may have not selected 'detail"? I’ll try it again.

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If the two tables are connected then you should be able to have a field that links to the detail page of the work orders from the project details view.