Menu header hover and active colour

Hi all,

My header menu has a hideous green colour for the active page and also when hovered over. Does anyone know how to change this? I can’t find anything in the Live App Design settings and I’ve tried removing all my CSS too. Where is this hideous green coming from?


Hey @Jason1 - I’m no coder but this is definitely some CSS as changing the menu colours and hover is not a built in feature.

Before removing the CSS, search for “hover” to locate the code. Just open the CSS window and CTRL & F to open the code search box.

I’d then cut and paste all the CSS into Notepad, or similar, then delete everything.
Save and do a couple of live app refreshes.

changing bg color of the ACTIVE menu:

.kn-navigation-bar .is-active a { background-color: #d31145 !important; color: #FFFFFF !important;}

changing colors on the HOVER menu:

.kn-navigation-bar a:hover { color: #color !important; }