Menu Button for Email PDF of current page

As a Builder I would like to be able to set up a workflow that on a Live App page, I could add a button to send the page as a PDF to an email address.

Scenario: We presently are able to Print a page and within our desktop Print to PDF, then email the PDF.

But, it would be great if you could configure a button that provided for email rules that attached a PDF of the displayed page.

Have you solved this ?

No smart solution from my side. Just manual save PDF and email.

Looking for this facility desperately. Further download as pdf button of the displayed page will be highly beneficial.

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Hello! If anyone has thought of other workarounds for this, I appreciate if you could share them :slight_smile:

Did you get any replies? I too need a simple ‘email a pdf version’ of a page (eg supplier orders). Thanks, Calvin


We did this in a different way. Sending pdf link in the email when user clicks it asks user to print or download pdf.

It’s just an HTML page with predefined design and dynamic values based on the record.

Sunny Singla

Hello, Sunny! I’m very interested in your approach but I didn’t quite get the idea. Can you explain a bit more? thanks!

Hello Nathalie,

Sure In this we can send an email with a link to Html page.

Like Click here to open pdf

When you click it ask you to print or save as pdf.

Sunny Singla

Ahh I get it!
I think it’s not suitable for my use case because I can’t put the information in a public link… I’d have to consider creating user accounts for the recipients, I guess.
It’s a great idea, though. Thank you!

Hello Natalia,

There is a way to encrypt as well. We can also make this password protected as well.

So based upon that password we can encrypt and decrypt.

it’s up to you how to make this more secure.

Sunny Singla

I still would really like an email a pdf version of a page option.

Like you @AdrianBell27622 I am still looking at something better than just a page that saves and manually having to save and print to PDF. Also, I notice that the name of the file when I go to save the page is just the title of the page, now looking to see if I can change that too for ease of use.

Was also playing around with your suggestion @Sunny_Singla but for my application, we need a pdfed version anyway for audit, so really comes back to PLEASE can we have an “email a pdf version of a page” option?

Hello Calvin,

We can send HTML page links. On opening, we can either print or download pdf. But I don’t think we are able to send dynamic pdf directly using knack. Either we can use 3rd party API or a Custom server-side application.

Sunny Singla

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