Maps - can we have the user's geo-location as the Start point?

The map functionality that we have built into our app is proving really popular and getting lots of praise but at the moment, we have had to hard-code the Start location on the Map screen.

What would really turn this into a "killer app" would be the ability to pinpoint/geo-locate the user (on smartphones and tablets) and centre the map on that latitude/longitude, with a search radius around it.

I know this is perfectly feasible but my coding skills aren't up to it !

Can we have this in a future release ?

We have a few changes we need to announce that got lost in the major upgrades. We're too busy building new stuff to announce everything! We just added a new change-log topic to help with this.

I love it!!!!! Works like a champ!! Thanks guys!

This feature is now live !! Found this just now by accident when changing a map and it works beautifully on PC and smartphone ! Thanks to Brandon and the team... we think this will take our app to another level !

I definitely would like the same functionality!!