Get GPS location on form submit

I would love a way to get the location of a user on form submit and add the lat/long into the form record? There is already a way to see the users location for map results, I can't imagine this is much more work.


it will be great to allow the user to enter the location by a click on the ma (in my project i am asking the user to manually enter the lat/long manually.

can javascrip help here?

Hey Moe, what happens if the user doesn’t want to share their location? I tried it once and it seem to stall out. Is there a good way to handle that?


Awesome, thanks, Moe!


You need to add an address field to the object, then on submit rules of the form select to set the address to the “Users current location”

I can’t find the feature you’re talking about. Is there a way to capture the user’s location when they submit a form. I’m looking for a field that would be able to capture, for example, a cell phones location (assuming the user wanted it shared). Is that an existing feature?


I love that you added this!!! 


Please see solution outlined in our Knowledge Base:
How to Automatically Capture a User’s Location on a Form