Current Location of User

Does current location of user capture location every time the user submits (assume the user is in a truck)?
Had a driver do check call and system captured the location correctly with current data/time stamp. When he drove another 200 miles and did his check call, showing he was delivered, it captured everything except it still shows his last location from 4 hours earlier. Does he need to re-login each time or refresh or what should he do to make sure it captures his Current location?

If refreshing the page does not update his location, you can reset permissions, and this will prompt the browser to ask for his location again.

To reset permissions (e.g. using Chrome as the browser):

Then the next time the user visits the site they will see:

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Thanks. Now I am wondering if there would be a way to have button on form to refresh and gain new location without the user having to manually refresh. Kind of clunky that Knack is not refreshing location based on current location. Thanks for the answer though.

Sure, you’re welcome.

I ran a test just now. I refreshed the page in a different location, and the previous location was updated. All I had to do was refresh the page, not reset permissions. So in my case the feature is behaving as expected.