Lookup Fill-Ins

I’ve seen what appears to be lookups (dropdowns fields) that lookup data in a related table and fill that field. Can you also fill in additional fields form the lookup table?

Table A is an invoice header table with Client field, client address and so on.
Table B is a Client table with similar fields.
When creating the invoice, I want to lookup the client and fill in that field. But I also want to fill in the address fields and similar. I do not want a link merely to display the data of the client table because the client may move to a new address and I want the invoice to show the correct address that was relevant at the time the invoice was issued. There are many similar use cases but you get the idea.

Not sure I understand the question but if you are trying to populate other fields you would use a record rule on the form submission.

Other than creating the respective invoice header columns (knack fields) in the invoice table (knack object), I can’t think of any other way to achieve this. Every time a new invoice is created, the client invoice headers at the time of invoice generation need to be recorded in the invoice table and that needs to be used to display the data in the invoice. Whether you’re using a knack form to create the invoices or something like a zap, you should be able to setup a record rule to get the current data of that client and update it for that invoice…

Sounds good, Arjun. Thanks