Looking for Feedback and suggestions on aflam.com

Hi Fellow Knackers,

I am trying to solicit feedback from the community hoping to receive feedback, comments, and suggestions.


I like the site but agree about the dropdown.  Also it was not immediately intuitive that you can scroll through the bar of movies.  I would like to see an arrow on the left and right  to indicate this is an interactive scroll.  I am very impressed with the customization you have done. 

Site looks great but the sub-menus are so long they require scrolling and they won't scroll properly with all the other animation going on inside the page. I am on a Chrome browser, Windows![](upload://6HzDt4PUjBcVqyAFZptvIH59uMw.png)


I was just about to report this for spam and noticed a Knack like feature then checked out the source and sure enough Knack! lol i love these complete overhaul of the UI Knack builds. Very cool