List of connected objects into text

I have a table where one column shows a list of connected objects. There is no way to limit the number of characters for cells which contain lists of linked objects, so I was trying to create a workaround whereby I would convert the list of connected objects into a text field which sits on the original object which would update each day. This would appear in the table and I would be able to limit character numbers. However, I cannot work out how to do this.

As an example, imagine object 1 is a rainbow and has connection to object 2 which is color. Imagine a table where rainbow is in one column and ten colors connected to rainbow are in column 2. The total number of characters for cells in column 2 is too high, I want to truncate and limit by character number, but this is not an option in Knack for cells containing linked values. Is there a workaround? I tried creating a new field for rainbow which contains a list of all connected colors which updates daily... but I cannot figure out how to get this to work for more than one value using a task. If there is another way to accomplish my goal, completely agnostic as to the method.