Limit Records to Show based on specific criteria

I have built a platform that allows Clients to receive quotations from suppliers.

I would like to be able to show a limited number of records (quotations) based on specific criteria such as the type of Plan A or B or C the Client is on OR the period of time (only limited to 30 days for example).

I noticed that via Table > Source we can only Limit either all records or a specific limited number, but it does not allow me to limit based on criteria.

Just wondering if anyone has found a way for it.

Thank you.

Hi Francesco,

This guide will cover one method that is probably the best method. It will require a new object for PLANS for example that you may connect between the Client and the Quotes. Then the quotes on the page can be setup to display based on the Plan connected to the Client that is logging in.


Thanks, @Steve!
I did not think of creating another object just for PLANS… great idea! Let me try and see how it works.