Limit Number of Record Entries

A straightforward way to limit the number of entries an authenticated user can add to a collection.

For example, if the database application was a classifieds listing, the user can only add a 'set maximum' number of items to the collection. Once this limit is reached, the user can add newer items only if older items are removed or expired.

> There still isn't a way to do this type of count specific to 1 record (e.g a user only voting in 1 record once).

Years later, is there a way yet? Has anyone come up with a workaround to limit a user to rating only once per record? I don't understand how the Rating data type is of any use, if any user can "stuff the ballot box".

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I do agree.

For a voting system, for example. I do not want my users to be voting many times for the same thing.

How would I control that?

Why is this must-have database feature still not implemented?

En easy solution for that question made in 2015?

Check out Create a Registration Form with Limited Availability - Knack Knowledge Base which should give you the functionality for limiting record entries!