Limit Field Options

Is there a way to limit the field options of one field based on entry in another field? Consider an example database of cars where the “Brand” field contains automotive brands and the “Type” field contains types of cars, such as car, truck, motorcycle, and SUV. If “Porsche” is selected as the brand, is there a way to limit “Type” options to car or SUV?

If you could get away with having your lists be in two different objects you could have the "brand" object be a child to a "type" object. Then when you add a new porsche record (or edit an existing porsche record) you could set a filter on the form view.

In my screenshot below, replace my field "client id" (which is my display field) with "type" and in the filters replace "contact type" with a second field in the parent object called "type"

I haven't tested this, so I'm not sure how well it would work. This won't work if you are wanting to "edit inline" fields in a table. But maybe this gives you an idea. Good luck.

Data entry using the "edit" button in a table or using a form. In the above example, if "Porsche" is entered into the "brand" field, I want to limit the "type" options that the user is able to see and select to "car" and "SUV" only. The options for "truck" and "motorcycle" would not be visible or available.

What is the context of your question? Data entry or viewing data in a table or list?