Label Printing

Hello everyone, with a longstanding client running on the knack system, the vital final feature I must come through with to make it self-sustaining is label printing via pdf print. Basically, this client wants labels for their items of 1.5 inches x 1.0 inches. The Qty in my opinion can be typed in before.

This is similar example for a different kind of system, but I would like to type in Qty then generate a printable pdf in 1.5 x 1.0 dimensions. I know integromat and formstack are some integrations. Just was curious if anyone had the manual code or know how to generate this.

Much appreciated!

I suppose you will have to use some third-party tool. But knack should have a report-writer built in, including for labels.

Hint: Charts and graphs are not reports.

Same issue, only we also need dispatch sheets. Playing with a product called Label Live, where you can define the label fully and easily and then it needs a bit of magic to take the record from Knack. Its only a so-so solution because of the integration.

I should also say that you can create the label in HTML and JS. I had a programming guy do it, but then we had to make changes to the system and I think the view numbers etc got cocked up. Of course you lose the configurability, but it was a direct to browser (Chrome in Kiosk settings), and it worked fine, until we changed stuff and cocked it. I asked for it to be on a button on the last column of the grid, but I guess you could do it from a ‘detail’ record page too.