Knack triggered email upgrades: Rich text formatting and CC/ BCC fields

I'd love to have the ability to cc and bcc on task emails/form entry triggered emails. Right now if a customer says they didn't receive an email from the system there is no way to know for sure whether it was in fact sent. This could be remedied by adding a cc/bcc field to knack emails on task and for submission rules. I'd also love to be able to send professional looking html emails directly though knack. That sounds like a big project to implement but perhaps adding rich text would be more easily done on the short term. Having the ability to change font sizes, underline, make bold etc. would go along way towards improving the look of the triggered emails and help all knack customers make a more professional impression on those who receive them.

P.S. I know this can be done with Zapier and mailchimp or some other combination of connected apps. I find the knack emails more reliable and would love to be able to do this without leaving the app.

Thanks Brandon. Really excited to put these features to use.

These were included in our latest round of form rule updates: