Issue with Rich Text formatting

We are having some issues with the rich text fields.

Some of the data is being pasted from Word and includes odd formatting. I know how to go into the HTML view of a rich text field in the editor and remove tags and attributes that the page won't know how to handle.

But I find that the rich text will respect line breaks that ordinary HTML ignores.  For example, if the html looks like this:

<p>Some text.
    <li>bullet 1
    <li>bullet 2

Then when the field is viewed later, you see a lot of extra line breaks. I need to go into HTML view and edit the content and remove all of the line breaks, like:

<p>Some text.</p><ul><li>bullet 1</li><li>bullet 2</li></ul>

Rich text view should ignore any line breaks that are not created by tags.

Also, how the rich text looks to the user is different if the record is viewed in a table vs list view, as if there are different rendering engines used.



I always use an app to remove rich text from my cut and paste. For MacOS you can use TextSoap or the app Paste. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+V (Cmd+Shift+V on Mac) to strip rich text.