Line spacing in rich text fields

Hi does anyone know how to add lines of text that are not treated as paragraphs and show double line feeds? when you press Enter to go to the line below in rich text it adds 2 line feeds rather than 1



You could switch to source and use the tag or try putting in some inline CSS. However, the most reliable way would be to add some custom CSS to the app under api and code. Use the browser inspector to see the classes and IDs used to isolate your text and use font-size or whatever other CSS to make it look the way you like. Using the latter method will ensure it looks the same on every page and won’t get accidently overwritten by someone editing that doesn’t understand the special formatting.

Hope this helps.

Great thanks

Is there anyway to set text size other than the knack formats available … I need 6 or 7 point text for a footer to a doc.

Try holding down the shift key when you hit enter/return and it should be a single line break and not a new paragraph. Sorry if that wasn't what you were asking!