Exporting formated text from a rich text field

Hello Knackies!
I am trying to export formated text from rich text fields into csv/excel so that the formatting stays the same. In the csv-export the formating appears as html-tags which cannot be interpreted by excel. I get
instead of BORING .
Do you have any ideas how I could a Knack-table into an excel spreadsheet in which the rich text fields remain formated?

Thanks a lot in advance :pray:t3:

Hey @Sofie I’m thinking you have two options:

  1. Custom Knack table export with JavaScript to create the formatted Excel file.
  2. An Excel VBA module to convert HTML to native Excel formatting.

I’d be confident you’d find something in the googlesphere for #2 that’ll be much quicker than #1 to develop.

e.g. HTML Text with tags to formatted text in an Excel cell