Insert field into multiple choice field

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create a field such as “due date” and then create a multiple choice field and enter some text with the due date field as part of the choice.

For example:

Multiple choice field…

  • Hi Sam, your project is due on {due date}.
  • Hi Sam, your project is now due.
  • Hi Sam, your project is past due.

Hi @KimDion38026

You can’t change the text options available in a multiple choice field based on data in the record - but you would be able to do this with a couple of calculated fields.

  1. Firstly, Text formulae (3 of them) to work out the Hi {Name} your project is due on {due date} etc
  2. A text field with conditional rules to populate the value you want to display:
    a If {due date} > today set value to the Text formula field 1
    b if {due date} = today set value to Text formula field 2 - etc.

This seems (and is) a bit cumbersome but there is currently no conditional logic in a Text Formula and you can’t concatenate free text and data into the value (but can have one or the other).

Depending on the use case here, there may be an alternative (assuming this text is required to be included in a message) and that is to us Make to send the message. The logic in Make is fully capable of constructing such texts based on data criteria. As I regularly say, I consider Make to be an essential tool for Knack projects!

Hope this helps,


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Ok, great thank you, I am currently using zapier to customize this but was running out of zaps LOL. Need to just upgrade my account. Thanks again!

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No problem - but do consider Make - much more powerful than Zapier in my opinion!!

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Hello Kim,

Create an Equation field. and set values 1,2,3 based upon logic as Julian describes. After that Create text field … and add a conditional logic like below

create another text field

and then last create a text formula field and combine both fields.

Sunny Singla