Insert a image with my emails. It is a logo plus a covering letter that appears as a image

I asked a knack technician how I can Insert a image with my emails. It is a logo plus a covering letter that appears as a image. The answer I got is as below. I am not familiar with HTML. The closes I couild get would be a Dropbox link where I could store the files that contain the image logo and covering letter.
I am not sure where to start. The technician speaks of directly typing the HTML. I'm not sure where the HTML is coming from. I do have a website but a Website builder built it for me. It seems like a lot of work to get a logo into each automated email I send out. Can anyone help?

If you want to insert a static image that is sent with all emails, then you'll need to use some custom HTML code. If you're familiar with HTML, you can enter it directly into the email template. If you're not familiar, then you can ask our community for help with this here:

Hi Sam

I really dont know to much about HTML. I jsut want to put a signature with my logo in a email.

I figured if I could do that I could also then add some photos as well.

I send these emails to prospective clients.

I check out that link that you advised,

In it it said Note: Images are not technically inserted into an HTML page, images are linked to HTML pages. The <img> tag creates a holding space for the referenced image.

The thing is I dont have a HTML Page. Not sure how to set it up. May take a lot of homework. I do have a website that someone built for me. I think they used word press which I know nothing about. I once used dreamweaver 15 years ago but thats a faded memory.

As far as Watermarking not sure. As I said if I forward a photo in a email or even a text message the photo will appear with message already opened.

Do you know the easiest way to create a HTML page. I have a domain Host called Hostgator. I know how to log into the cpanal and check my email and create forwarders ect. This is probably why I am using knack no programming language required.

Are you talking about watermarking photos? As in adding an overlay to photos? If so, I’m pretty sure you could use a watermarking api to automatically handle this for you. How many of these would you be doing each day? I searched and found this service that allows up to 10 a day for free. If you needed more they have a paid service that is 100 per day limit.

Thanks Sam for your Reply.

I know the covering letter thing can be confusing. The only way I found out how to do it was using my Iphone. I could forward photos and images to a email address using my iphone. So basically I got hold of my covering letter that has some pictures and notes on it then I forwarded the photo/image to my email address using my iphone to to it. At that point I had a image on my emails that I could use time and time again.

This beats having to attach a file to a email as then the person receiving the email has to open the file to see it. The way I am doing it the image appear with the message on the email.

I will try to have a look at this web address your speaking of and try to nut it out.

James, I think they are referring to using html img tags.

I’ve been using this to insert the company logo on emails. I’m unsure of what you mean when you say a covering letter on a logo.