Inner Join Equivalent

I come more from a data analytics background, and am creating customer and company objects but all with numeric unique IDs. Obviously easier to join on IDs than on text.

For example, my customer object had customerID, customerName, companyID. Then company object has companyID and companyName. How do I "join" customer object (its companyID field) with the company object (its companyID field)? When I add a connection, it really doesn't let me select the field in each object that I want them to join/connect to (here, each companyID field). It's more some generic prompt about the two objects in general.



You don't actually control the field.. Under the system, there is an .id field in each object you create..

So, when you setup the connection, it's using the .id field to do the connection. So, in your instance, when you create the connection in your objects from customer to company, the companyID field refers to the field in the company object that you can't see.. However, in the company object if you go into Settings for that object, you can decide which Field you would like to display inside the customer.companyID object field..

If you are determined to see the actual fields, then refer to this:

Hopefully that helps.