Inline Editing Record Rules and Builder Page Preview UI updates

Table Record Rules for Inline Editing

We are excited to announce table record rules! You can now trigger record rules on tables while inline editing. These rules can update the record being edited, insert a new connected record, update a connected record or send a custom email.

These record rules are similar to form record rules and can be used to do things like track which user last updated a record, send an email when a record is updated or update/insert connected records when a status has changed.

Expand & Collapse All Views in the Page Preview

You can now expand and collapse all views in the page preview at once. This allows you to easily see the full page preview with expanded views then quickly collapse all views to get back to easily navigating your app while you work in the Builder.

Improved View Name Editing

You can now edit view names directly in the page preview. We know how helpful internal view names can be when building and maintaining your app, so our goal was to make these easily accessible. You can show and hide view names by using the tag icon in the top menu. When view names are shown, you can edit by clicking on the individual view name in the preview.

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