Inline edit Javascript events

Short of adding rules to inline edits which would be easier, enabling Javascript events for record updates would enable us to create scripts to perform our rules.

Is there a way to prevent the inline edit update in certain cases by listening to this event?  I have tried return false with no luck.

That look like the Feature Requests in this post:



My goal with this (at the moment, at least) is to force a page refresh, or even better, just a refresh of a table on the page. My use case: updating quantities on an order, I have a table with each line item for the order where I can adjust quantity, and at the top of the page, along with the data about the order is a 'count' field that tells me how many total items I have, and a 'sum' field that tells me the total $ of the order. 

I know I can accomplish some of this with a summary row at the bottom of the table, but I'm not interested in showing the sum of all of the columns (qty, per piece price), only the extended price.