Incorrect display on grid

We’re running into a slight issue with Knack. We have a hierarchy where Companies can have multiple Stores and Stores can have multiple Contacts. This works really well most everywhere except for in the main Companies grid. This is the URL for the page: Opti-Tread (

In the Companies grid we have both stores and contacts listed and everyone shows up just fine. We have stores names stacked up on the left and contact names stacked up on the right. If there’s only one contact per store then everything lines up perfectly and correctly. However, if we have a store with multiple contacts, then the store names don’t separate to keep them in line. They just stack up and then the contacts don’t line up with the store they belong to. I’ve attached screenshots, you can see contacts that belong to a certain store don’t actually line up with that store in the main companies grid.

Are we doing this incorrectly or is this a bug. Any help would be greatly appreciate

I don’t think it’s a bug. You might just want to remove contacts from that first grid.

Don’t want to do that.

Luis, from Knack support said this in the support ticket:


1 week ago

Hello Ed,

My name is Luis and I’m part of the senior support team.

This is indeed a bug caused by the platform not respecting the connection separator when grouping by a connection field and this is set as “New Line”, instead of adding the second (and subsequent) connections in a new line, it adds them in the same line with no separation, if you select “Comma” instead, each connection will be separated by this.

Thanks Ed. I think I misunderstood your question.