How to make multiple columns for a form in the new builder


I have looked endlessly for the button, where I can make more columns for a form in the new builder, like I am used to do in the old.

Is it not supported yet?

I get how you can drag and drop in forms, but without the ability to group fields anymore, I can't work out how to line up certain fields (especially one that are different sizes). 

Old builder:


New builder:


They are not supporting that feature on the new builder. @TC creating columns is not the same as creating groups within a form. By creating groups in the original builder you were able to basically have "mini-forms" with a form that can have specific CSS formating. Here is an example of how we use "groups" within a form to create multiple groups and now it's no longer an option.![](upload://8OzHU5OTk5WddxokO4kfYa3FkZQ.png)

In the new builder, you just drag and drop.  For a form, click the input field you want to move and drag it to the left or right.