Group fields in the builder

I would like to suggest the possibility to group fields for objects in a collapsable form or something like that.

It would be very usefull for objects with many fields, and often I have multiple timestamp fields, equation fields and so on that are kind of support fields for the “real” data I want to collect.

It would be nice to have the possibility to make a group called “Timestamps” and the assign my timestamp fields to this group, collapse it and then the object will look less cluttered

Hi Simon
I think this is a great idea. It would make a big difference if we could group fields together in the data tables and give them a parent name. It is very annoying when you are rearranging the fields that you can’t move more than 1 field at a time. If they were grouped and you were able to drag the group up and down it would save quite a bit of time.

Completely agree about making the fields less cluttered. With groups you could quickly see what the fields are for from the group name.

I hope Knack can introduce this.



Hi @Simon7,

Thanks for sharing your request! I’ll share this with our product team for further consideration.