How to add different Roles with Max users per role to an Account?

A lot of time looking for this solution.

So here you have it on a plate.

Very useful:

2 user roles A and B, but any role B must also have role A. of course you have created your User Roles.

- Create a Table User Accounts, and give it the title Role A.

- Create a Table for users with Role B and give it this name.

- Use a button to Add a User ACCOUNT but on it put the title Add Role A. In the Form Rules, insert user role A, and copy its standard roles fields > HERE: first rule view for maximum of users with Role A.

- In Table User Accounts for role A, add a Columns Links "Link to an other page" to a Form to ADD the role B of this record User ACCOUNT. > HERE: second rule view for maximum of users with Role B.

- On Table Role B, I can delete each record for THIS specific role thanks to Columns Links "Link to delete record".

- On Table Account named to Role A, I can delete any record (Columns Links "Link to delete record") and this way its eliminates the WHOLE User record ACCOUNT and records ROLES completely from my data base.

Roles are important because they alone allow diferent accesses to diferent pages. An user Account is not a role.

This way it is SUPER ULTRA EASY and fast to add and delete roles. Here you have it! :D