How do I restore the facility to set Page Icons within my App?


Apologies if I am missing something obvious here, but the facility to set Page Icons seems to have disapeared from within one of my Apps. In this particular App, when I select the Settings of any of the pages, I now only see the following options:

Menu Name

Page URL


Show print link
Display page in a modal popup

Update settings

Can anyone advise me as to why I'm no longer seeing the Page Icon option and/or how I can get it back?
Many thanks,

Hi All,

Knack Support answered this question for me, so updating here for the benefit of others. There is a bug iun Knack which causes the option to select Page Icons not to appear in apps that are set for Single Login security (as opposed to no login required or page based logins).

Because the Icons still remain in place, afte tuning on the login requirement, the workaround is to simply turn off the login requirement on the app in question, configure the Page Icon/s as required, then turn the security back on.

Knack Support inidicated that they do not propose to fix this bug, as the workaround is simple.