How do I prefill a form using URL parameters?

Is there a way to prefill a Knack form using URL parameters, the way one can with Google Forms?

Here's a link to an explanation of the same issue in the Google Forms world:


Hi Alex this is a new feature just announced. See
You may also want to create a pre-populated link generator. Here's how to do that:
Rather than trying to edit the pre-populated link manually each time, do this: First generate the master link following the steps Knack have detailed above. Then create a new form using the same fields you want to pre-populate in the link. Create a rule that will send you an email when you press submit on this new form. Paste the master link into the body of the email message template, and replace the field values in the link with the corresponding template fields. Make sure there are no spaces anywhere. Now when you want to generate a new link to send to a customer, you can use the new form to pre-populate the fields, hit submit, and you will receive the complete link in your inbox ready to forward. Or if you include a customer email address field, they can receive the pre-populated link in their inbox, which they can use again and again such as for timesheets or mileage claim forms. The form's table also records all of the links that have been generated, for reference purposes.
NOTE: Don't use the URL encoder as per Knack's instructions, this will only confuse things.