How do I hide search interface after results populate?

I want to be able to hide the search criteria options and just show the results after a search is conducted. My search options take a significant amount of screen real estate and this would be very helpful to have them disappear after the search.

No problem, thanks Stevan


Thanks Brad.

Dagmar, I will try and share the code sometime next week.... quite busy with non-knack things these days

Great work Stevan!

Hi Stevan, I had a look at you app - really cool. I see you did the same with your help pages. I would appreciate it very much if you could share the code, as I have a page where I want to manage different aspects of an entity - all from the same page.



Pls check my catalogue app here where I implemented this (Jquery).

basically the Search menu toogles when header is clicked and toogle again after search criteria submission.

If of an interest, I will share the code with u

Hi Trevor,

I think there'd be two ways:

  1. Hide the search form after submitting search criteria using Javascript. I haven't done this and you'd need to work how to show it again if the user wanted to search with a different criteria.
  2. Use a table view instead and enable search and filtering options for the user. This uses less screen real estate.

Have been advised this is not possible by tech support.