How do I get an Average field to not ignore the value of the most recently added connected record?

I've got an Object with a number of fields which take Averages of values connected records. However the averages I was getting seemed off, and after much patient testing I found that the Average computation was ignoring the value in the most recently added connected record. This problem also affect Sum and Minimum fields (in my app at least) but not Count fields.

I've tried raising this with Knack but haven't heard back from them yet.

I'm interested in whether this problem is due to:

  • A bug in Knack (seems unlikely, but...)
  • A design flaw of some kind in my app.

I'm interested in any kind of fix or workaround.

Appreciate any suggestions...

Update on this: Knack have identified it as a genuine problem, and it has been sent to their engineering team.

Have found one work-around... basically it involves manually running a task which adds dummy records to the connected object.

Still very keen to find a proper solution.