How can I limit a record creation to one entry per day?

 We are developing an app where we want a user to be limited to one record per day. We tried doing this based on Date, Equations etc but there doesn't seem to be an elegant way to limit the input (creation) or a new record to once per day per user. 

The app is for the creation of a daily production plan. We have it working the way we want but I am trying to restrict a user to editing an existing daily plan by adding line items as opposed to accidentally creating a new production plan.

Any ideas?


Try including a date field that is automatically set to the current date and require that the field have a unique value.

You may place a count field on your account object. Count the number of plan records created by that user and filter the count field selecting 'created today'. Then use rules to set IF COUNT > 0 THEN ...dont let them create a new one (hide the form, or display a message).

Hello Mark,


Create a text formula concatenate with Current Date+UserEmail and make this field unique .



Sunny Singla


That's likely what we'll end up doing. But I was hoping for something a tad more "automagic"

Could you not set a yes/no field to yes when they enter a record for the day, such that when that field is yes, to not show them the input form option unless the field is No, and then every day at midnight reset all the records to no? Just a thought of the top of my head.