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I’m in the process of moving from quite an old MS Access system into the Knack platform. So far it’s been wonderful to see how the app works and what it can do.

In our MS Access system we can look at specific users and see history boxes with respect to their various awards achievement etc. Screenshots below. I’m attempting to find if anyone has something similar that I could employ into the database I’m building.

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Hi @Joel1

This is fairly bread and butter for Knack (as it is for Access).

Each of your ‘histories’ (certificates, awards and dual registrations) would be database Objects with a connection field to the Person object (I would actually store all people data in the Accounts object). You can then simply create a page displaying details of the person and add 3 table views similar to your access page which display records connected to that person.

I hope this helps.



This is fantastic thanks Julian. If I’m completely honest I think I was overthinking a fair simple problem!!

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Hey @Joel1 - I’m glad to see that my good friend @JulianKirkness has already pointed you in the right direction.

I come from a MS Access background too.
I obtained my MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) qualifications in 2007 for Access and Excel. I’ve been using both products since they were launched.

Julian has even more experience across multiple database solutions including MS Access and their now (unceremoniously) retired Web Apps.
Worth checking out his website:

We have both found Knack to be an easy step from Access with a lot of similarities, plus lots more features.

The point to my rambling is that there are a growing number of highly skilled Knack partners on this forum willing to help where they can.
I thought you’d like to know that there are at least two of us that have felt your pain with Access :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You may find some of mine and @DaveParrish videos helpful too.

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This looks great Joel :ok_hand: