Highlight Fields based on other field values.

My Clients need to review the values of fields and can edit them to then finalize them. Everything is fine with in terms of the workflow but I would really like a feature to make this even clearer from them.

I will set a field to “To Be Reviewed” and then once they submit it will be marked “Reviewed”. What I would love to be able to do would be able to set a colour that highlights the filed, which could simply be the case of adding a border around the field(s) that need to be reviewed based on the content. This might seem redundant because I could also create edit views where only the fields needing editing are featured, and I could use value fields to make the other fields not needing editing to be shown as values and not as fields. Still, having the ability to highlight fields based on input states, tied to other fields that provide the colour status of those fields, would be a nice to have. So I am submitting it here.

Hi @GSH,

Thank you for sharing!

I’m not sure if this will work for your use case, but I wanted to share that display rules are available to use in Grid views, Form views, and Details views to make customizations on how the views display in the Live App. For example, in a Grid view, you can implement a display rule to set the background color of a cell:

If you’re using a Form view for the process you’ve described, display rules can also be utilized to show and hide inputs or rename labels based on form values:

I hope this info helps, however, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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With a snippet of code you can also highlight an entire grid row based on a display rule from one field. :rocket:

Thank you both for your feedback.

Unfortunately colour display rules are not available for application to specific form fields in a form.