Default field display rules

This one has driven me insane today, so I’ll mention it here.

We have seven screens with different grid views of our workload for the day. They are for different production stations and so they show largely the same data, but not exactly. A key element of this is that we are always looking for special dietary needs, in a selection of field (One a text field, but also fields for Veggie, Vegan, LactoFree, Gluten Free, etc). If these field aren’t zero then we highlight all the fields of that record with a gaudy yellow to make sure we dont miss them.

Later, when that process is complete on that order, there is an action button a ‘Done’ button. When that gets pressed, we change the background on the columns in that record to green to make it obvious that it is done.

What I would really like to do is to have, (or have the option of) the display rules against the field in the table, so that when I add it to my grid those highlight and display rules come with it, (rather like a class) , then I wouldn’t have to search through seven screens worth finding the text colour I missed, and making sure my user interface was consistent.

I’m sure there’s a clever bit of .css that can do this, but as I keep pointing out, we’re not programmers, and we don’t want to be programmers. Hope you don’t mind me putting these in the melting pot.

While we are in here… Grids. Why can I justify the data left, centre or right justifed, but not the column title or the sum vale at the bottom which is always left. Surely they should follow the column justification.?


Hi Neil,

All that you’re trying to achieve is very easy for me to add as part of the Knack Toolkit Library (KTL).

Actually, what you want is almost there already, but not exactly as you’d like. For example, see the _mc keyword (Match Color): it applies the color of a specific field to the whole row.

I would create a new keyword for you that would be similar, but according to your needs.
I invite you to create a new Issue with the label enhancement and describe how you’s see the feature.

Same applies with the grid headers’ alignment. I could create a new keyword like _ha (for Header Alignment), that would trigger the alignment of all headers, matching the column’s settings.

If’ you’re interested, you can see my demos on YT about how the KTL works.

Normand D.

Hi Normand,

I’ve watched your first four video’s and there’s some really useful things here that we could use. I’m going to have to keep reading to the end to make sure that I understand what there is. Thank you for bringing your work to my attention.


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Hi Neil,

Go try the latest KTL keyword: _ha for Header Alignment.
You add this to your view title or description and the header will match the view’s settings for the data alignment.

Hope you like it,