Get field identifier (name) from Make Output Bundles


I am looking for a way to export a whole Knack table into a json or equivalent, the final purpose is to have backup of it.
I am using Make, my problem is that the field identifier is always missing from output bundles.

For example, using the knack search module in Make will return :
“field_xx”: “Smith”

I would like to have instead :
“Name”: “Smith”

Is there a way to capture this information ?

Thanks a lot

There is a way to export the CSV’s as-is from the builder (as if you are exporting directly), I can help on a support call: Make Premium Support Services - Weblytica, LLC

Hi Andy

Thank you for your help
I already have a scheduled routine in Make that generates a csv file for each table I want to backup.

The drawback of this is that I must update this scenario each time I modify a table.
I am looking for a way to export the whole tables (in a clever format) whithout having to update Make scenarios.

Search modules + export to json would be great if the field names were available (which seems to not be the case).


Yes, I understand that can be a challenge. The Make backup solution I have created doesn’t have to be updated when data objects are added or removed or when fields are added / removed. I wanted to build something that didn’t have to be maintained, because that leads to data not getting backed up :confounded:.