Generating a number based on user input based pulled from other object/tables

Hello all!

I'm looking to figure a way to create a custom Course level, generated by a user's input when creating courses.  To explain the logic displayed below, let me walk you step by step.
SO I have created a couple of objects/tables:

  • Course Type:
  • Course Level

Now, when the user wishes to create a new course on the form/page, they will be prompted for first the "level" of the course, then Course Type Code.  Both numbers are "added" together to create a three numbered course, and finally a "sequence' number with two digits that signify the sequence of courses, thus a unique number.
Is there a way to do this in Knack without code?  

Course Level(ignore the 0.00 foundation, not using)


Course Number Logic


Thanks Dean!

I did actually figure it out.  After understanding how Knack "thinks" of things.  

I created two tables with the info as shown, with then connections to the courses object/table, and then a field for the third "sequence" that the user selects.  

So it worked nicely.  


Thanks again.



That's an equation, it will do math to add 2 fields if that is what you want. Otherwise the Text Formula will actually concatenate two fields essentially combining the contents in sequence  

Do you mean like this?
I don't get anything.  I imagine I need much more to "add" the two text fields together.  Not a coder, so don't know how to get the 

two together in a ABB.CC format. A being the Level of the course 100 being intro, 200 being intermediate, and so forth.  BB is the above table course code, and .CC is the sequential order.  Still not sure how for this to generated.

I do eventually have to have a condition/validation?? verify that the completed number isn't in there already, as the number needs to be unique.



And be able to still sort sequentially even though it's a text?

If I understand your question properly, have you looked at creating a Text Formula field to concatenate the field input data into a specific Course Level Code?