Fit a container on embedded website

We want to be able to avoid horizontal scrolling if possible by default, not by having to adjust our app to fit the container.

This was possible in the past themes and is a feature needed for our end users.

Hi @Tisserand - happy to be corrected but this was not an option in any Knack theme that I’ve experienced in the past six years.

Having tables wider than the users screen will require scrolling unless they are designed with mobile devices in mind and reduced columns or a list view.

Be interested to hear what solution you were using before to overcome this. :+1:

Our other database that is on legacy theme right now did not run into this issue, and that’s what I was told by the support team was the reason.

I’m aware that if you have a table that’s 20 columns wide, scrolling will be inevitable, but this is a matter of fitting 5-6 to a page if used as intended.

The workaround now is to limit the overview page so that we have 4 columns that easily fit, and detailed view needs to be opened for details.

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