Finding the field ID in a table in the builder

It would be really helpful to include the field ID in the Column Properties when editing a table in the builder. In some cases, I may be hiding a table in an app, as it contains more data than I want the user to see. So it becomes cumbersome to try to inspect the table to get the field ID. Yes, I could look at the Object to get the IDs for fields, but that means leaving what I'm working on (editing the table) and clicking out to the Object finding the field, etc.

It would be a lot easier if the field ID was just included in the column properties.

I know that you can right click on the table in the builder and find the field ID there. But that means like 6 mouse clicks to find something I could find in one mouse click if it was in the column properties. The field name is at the top of the properties slide out - would just be nice to have the ID there too.