Find string in a string

Please implement a text function to find a string inside another string and return the starting position. This is a really common need.

You have Right and Left functions but now way to find a string to use right and left in a more dynamic way.

For example, if a field had values seperated by a comma such as "George Smith, Super Dad" you could use this to isolate the two halfs:

LEFT(FieldName, FIND(",",FieldName))

The find would return 13, so the Left function would return the first 13 characters or "George Smith".

not sure why this was given a user of Undefined, but I was the one who submitted it.

The specific use I have for this, is I need to sort a list by street name.  I have a short text field that has address.

For example:


123 Main Street

9999 SomeOther Place

12 Apple way


If I could search for the space in the field, I could use that to trim the number off the front of the address and then just have the street name.

So Find(" ",Street) would return 4, 5, and 3 for the above examples. Then subtract that from the length of the string and use the result to do a RIGHT() trim.