Mid and Left functions not functioning as expected

I’ve got a file with an predetermined Event type, and a field that I want to take a mid(string,2,2) to get the value in the parens. When I do it I get odd values back - like “40”. So I experimented with the left(string,#) function…

If you look at the attachments you can see the fields, values, and what is being returned.

Why would I get a 40 back if I do a mid function? And why can’t I get back the correct number of characters with the left function? Does the field have some other control characters or something that I can’t see since it’s a multiple choice field?

@LeithalAgent It looks like the text formula field doesn’t take too well to round brackets, because I tried with square brackets and it worked as intended.
My formula was mid({Event Type},0,2).

I’ll log a bug report on behalf of you and everyone.



Well son of a gun… that worked. Thank you!

I spent a few hours with different formulas trying to figure out what was going on… I didn’t try this…

Thanks again!