Filter table results based on calendar month selected

Hey all,

I have a calendar of trips and below that calendar I have a table of notes. When the user toggles between dates in the calendar I want to be able to filter and refresh the notes table based on the month of the calendar. I thought I could grab the dates from the url and then do a refresh but the dates in the url do not change when toggling between months. Also it doesn’t seem like the calendar view returns any date data for me to use. Has anyone ever done this before or might have an idea of how it could be done?

I have never been able to figure out how to use the fullcalendar plugin API. It doesn’t help that Knack is using an antiquated version. In your case I would probably tie event listeners to the buttons that change the calendar. On the click event I would evaluate the data using and that will give you the current data that the table contains. You could also just grab the month right from the DOM. Once you have the dates you should be able to create your filters for the notes table. It might not be the cleanest way to do this, if anyone has a better approach let me know.

Thanks for the reply Nelson. I’ll test out your approach and hopefully get further than I have been.